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COMPANY NEWS . . . 2019

In 2019 the company stopped publishing news items due to the high incidence of commercial in confidence projects and agreements for resource and mineral commodities preventing public information disclosure. For further information please contact us.

Major highlights listed here are rated ‘Available for Public Information’ :


GEA markets Chicken products from Brazil suppliers
GEA markets Pork from Brazil suppliers
GEA markets Beef from Argentina
GEA joint venture and represented in Dubai by Sky Minerals LLC
GEA markets African Timber supplies
GEA markets supplies of COBALT from Africa
GEA markets raw Lithium resources
GEA markets prime development sea front land in Mackay Queensland
GEA markets cattle stations in far north Queensland to China
GEA offered new 3 month milk preservation system for dairy industry
GEA markets Soy Beans from Brazil suppliers
GEA markets Sunflower Oil from India, Ukraine suppliers
GEA markets Palm Oil from Malaysia
GEA markets 5 year food preserving technology for global markets
GEA launches ‘AQUA PRIMO’ Australian Spring Water exports
GEA markets wide range of products from Turkey – Edible grain legumes, Celars, Oil seed crops, Industrial crops, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Spices, Tea, Fodder crops etc.
GEA markets Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey, Paw Paw
GEA markets BIO (Dairy free) products from USA



GEA works with Chinese group to secure IMF production slots in Australia
GEA seeks funding for an Equestrian Theme Park on the Gold Coast
GEA sells Brazilian Chicken Paws and other chicken products to China
GEA offers Australian BEEF – quarters and top cuts to China
GEA welcomes camel commodities (and live) for export from Northern Australia
GEA in Hong Kong for commodity sales – Hong Kong reps appointed
GEA offers penthouses on beach in WA to Chinese buyers
GEA works with Swiss, Arabian & Chinese Gold Buyers/Sellers
GEA deal with Australian Seafood exporter, provides exports for China
GEA involved in selling Barrier Reef island resorts and Tourist resorts
GEA quotes to supply Biodome technologies for Arctic and Antarctic food production
GEA supplies BULK Australian Spring Water in 21,000 liter bladders/containers
GEA offers Digital Marketing Services via LaFrankie & Co Agency in Melbourne
GEA advertising in New York Times brings flood of investor enquiries



GEA promotes Engineering hub in Australia
GEA and Godbee Favero Strategic Accountants QLD fund projects
GEA introduces new technology in Australia that scans human body
GEA presents Australian projects to investors in USA and Middle East
GEA works with importers of machine that alters PH value of water
GEA presents Australian projects to investors in Switzerland
GEA bids on Kidman Cattle Station on behalf of investor
GEA in Hong Kong meeting with project investors
Dairy Land project team in HongKong – capital acquisition
GEA commissioned to sell Australian minted Gold Bullion
GEA in offer to acquire Melbourne based Milk Powder drying plant
GEA sources ‘large barge’ shipbuilder for Kenya project
GEA markets high end Manuka honey into China & Asia
GEA certified brand of Australian Infant Milk Formula for China
GEA meets with international export brands management company
GEA explores acquisition of Darwin based spring water group

2013- 2015

GEA involved with Aqua Cannes three tower development on GC
GEA markets Australia in Hong Kong
GEA develops new product lines to consumers
GEA iron boomerang initiative for Northern Australia
My Life Unplugged Showcase scripts finalised
BlackAdda seeks expansion capital
GEA markets into Thailand
Forever Young International – Stem cell clinics
Fresh Food Bank initiative launched in Australia for farmers
AVersace Realty focuses on international investors
Capital raising in Hong Kong for Australian Public Company
GEA launches Bio-Dome initiative in Australia for food production
Independent Living Resort – QLD
Solaris LED lighting solutions in Australia
Russian finance transfers – Intercontinental Banking


In 2014 Global Equity Angels added global mineral & resource commodities marketing to its Capital Acquisition services. Since then GEA has been a prolific supplier of high-end commodities worldwide. Today we offer many products to global markets direct from suppliers. We also provide hi-tech artificial intelligence based marketing humanoids, for selling products, services and business promotion.


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