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Gold for Sale

GEA Sells AU and Dore' in large quantities

Many people ask us about how we supply gold bullion, and Dore from around the Globe. After ten years of experience in this field, we have developed a strong relationship with many sellers and buyers.

As well as many mines and refineries, across many countries. Global Equity Angels is in the enviable position of being able to supply very large, amounts of bullion in metric tonnes, to buyers around the world.

The product can be transported (Brinks or private) to a refinery storage location of choice, or left in the same vaults as a ledger-to-ledger. We also assist with banking instruments. If you are in the market, then you can trust our almost ten years of quality and excellence since 2014.

Please note we deal only with buyer signatories when selling bullion. We are an authorized representative for several sellers.

Gold Bullion for sale - significantly below market value!

GEA has been commissioned by an Australian Public Company to sell Australian mined and minted gold bars.

From the Australian Perth Mint, the gold bars are hallmarked, minted, and rated at 99.99 percent purity.

In times of market volatility, finding a secure safe haven for financial assets is vital and investment in precious metals has long been viewed as a reliable choice. GEA is now offering the opportunity to savvy investors to secure their investment which is significantly under the current market price.

Minimum orders do apply for local and overseas buyers.

GEA welcomes genuine inquiries and orders only.

Special Offer

Experience the Magic of Gold

We offer kilos to thousands of metric tonnes


Offer is private and only for a limited time.

Investors can purchase bullion FROM an AUSTRALIAN GOLD MINE. Company is on ASX. 

Exclusive offer of 50% discount at today’s market prices based on  LBMA

From 10kg – 20kg – 50kg – 100kg or more

Bullion will be 99.99% purity

Bullion will be directly from the PERTH MINT and delivered in 2 years.

In summary, the purchase is at today’s market price and discounted by up to 50%. A certificate for the bullion is provided.

Global Equity Angels offer an opportunity to acquire large amounts of Dore and AU with Integrity and Confidentiality.

We also have access to Sophisticated Gold Trading Platforms, to Purchase and Sell or Trade Gold on a Business to Business basis, amongst carefully selected and proven Investors, around the world.

Private and Corporate Investors and Governments that know where economies are heading will also know the current status of the US and European and Asian economies and will look to secure futures with precious metals and rare earth.

Global Equity Angels works with refineries and Banking Institutions around the globe, to preserve wealth, transport precious metals, and facilitate trade between buyers and sellers.

Gold - Prized by ancient Pharaohs - Good enough for today's investors?

GEA is an Authorised Seller of AU and Dore'

Prerequisite for acquiring Bullion or Dore. The client must provide the signatory’s:

1. CIS
2. Passport
2. LOI
3. Incorporation Certificate

All information is strictly confidential and securely protected.

Information required in order to receive an FCO Full Corporate Offer