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GLOBAL EQUITY ANGELS PTY LTD is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne Australia with a marketing presence on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
The company specialises in:

  • Global Capital Acquisition and Funding for large projects
  • International Minerals and Resources
  • High-end Commodities
  • Real estate Marketing & Development

The company has an extensive network of resource partners and capital investors around the globe as well as many arrangements with export partners allowing us to supply resource commodities globally.

Angel – Antoinette Versace – CEO

Chief Executive Officer and has extensive experience and knowledge in global banking, business development, marketing, investment management and capital acquisition. Antoinette is a dedicated and accomplished professional with over 25 years of executive management within the corporate arena in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and USA.  A forte in managing large multi-disciplinary teams to deliver local and international projects, combined with strategic planning abilities to ensure the delivery of key results and excellence to the clientele.

Arc Angel – Barry Hollingsworth
Creative Strategist and General Manager

Barry Hollingsworth is the Creative Strategist and General Manager of GEA.
An accomplished professional and business owner previously at the helm of one of Australia’s premier IT Training company servicing amongst its clients many of the largest companies in Australia. Barry has many years of extensive expertise in the business world of Innovative Technologies, security, automation, industrial processes, technical services, marketing, and advertising and planning initiatives to fuel business development, armed with driving market expansion on both domestic and global fronts.

Let our team help your business . . .

The company has a professional team dedicated to global business development and provides a range of services which includes funding for new projects, management, capital raising, and international marketing. Our network of high-value international investors allows us to offer business opportunities to start-up or greenfield concepts, existing companies as well as launch products & commodities into global markets.

GEA is represented in several countries worldwide: Including . . .



Our mission is to be a global leader building a unique portfolio of related brands, striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation, and value, and elevating our image to become the company most clients turn to worldwide and elevating the image of our industry. We are known for our leadership edge, our passion for high standards, our respect for diversity, and our commitment to creating exceptional opportunities for professional growth so that our associates can fulfill their highest potential.

We strive to be your preferred solution and trusted partner with an attentive personal touch delivering competently with service excellence and striving to be the acknowledged international leader, preferred partner, and to succeed in the world’s ever-changing markets.

Global Equity Angels to be recognised worldwide as an ethical company that is observed and emulated as a model of success.

Download Export Commodities Brochure (3 mb)


In 2014 Global Equity Angels added global mineral & resource commodities marketing to its Capital Acquisition services. Since then GEA has been a prolific supplier of high-end commodities worldwide. Today we offer many products to global markets direct from suppliers.


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