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Global Equity Angels provides marketing services and capital acquisition services to enhance business enterprise locally and on a global scale.

Global Equity Angels provides the following services:

Business marketing and development services

Project funding and management

Management team appointment

Capital and Investment funding

New ideas funding tank for inventors

International Marketing & sales

Global banking & instruments

Trouble shooting for business turnarounds




Marketing Services

Our Marketing Advice Services span our focus areas:

and Excellence.

Entrepreneurship marketing services helps organizations mandated to promote or support entrepreneurship in all possible ways within the country and societies. We have the knowledge needed. We have the proper tools and expertise to make entrepreneurship highly succeed. Our services go beyond advice, we bring workable approaches that make entrepreneurship a sustainable matter within the DNA of business and society.

Through Innovation Marketing services we help forecast the future trends and challenges and prepare clients to address them effectively by taking calculated and informed risks, as well as by providing the right tools to instill within the organization the most important ingredient for success- A SELF CHARGING CULTURE OF INNOVATION.

Similarly, our marketing services for Incubation will help all types of incubators succeed in their missions through proper handling to entrepreneurship from within the incubator. We have the right knowledge to give to incubators. We shorten the road to success for these incubators.

The role of our Excellence Marketing Services is to work with organization in various sectors to improve their performance and achieve their business goals successfully through quality and Excellence practices. GEA’s Marketing services are not just to enhance performance but also to prepare the organization to excel by responding appropriately to new challenges.

Marketing Entrepreneurship

Through our Entrepreneurship Marketing services you can achieve an innate understanding of enterprises and learn how to effectively lead your business. Our knowledge marketing services and innovation strategy management services, assists organisations to enhance their performance and increase their success.

Marketing Innovation

GEA takes up the challenge to help you to think differently. We help you to take the initiative to find and adopt new and innovative ways is the role of the entrepreneurs during difficult and competitive economic times. On the other hand and at the innovation front, existing organizations need to adapt if they are going to survive. Innovation is particularly important at such times. We turn innovation from a fuzzy term with little importance, ownership and accountability into a driving force for change toward achieving breakthroughs for the business.

Marketing Incubation

Countries and cities worldwide focus on establishing Incubation programs both for the entrepreneurship spirit and practices as well as for the Innovative economy. Business Incubators are special type of organization that has a mandate to ensure graduating successful entrepreneurs and successful start-ups. They are focused on grooming entrepreneurs who do not cost the business environment but rather prove to be assets. Managing such a special type of organization needs special skills and experience over and above all being a good entrepreneurship expert. Entrepreneurship is a crucial part of any modern and sustainable economy.

Marketing Excellence

Corporates are not in safe paradise no matter how successful they are. One day competition will strike at their economic heartland. One day the market will respond negatively to a corporate specifically or the industry it is in. Quality and Excellence is a necessity to stay competitive (not forgetting innovation). We target Quality and Excellence matters in corporate and possibly SMEs in some cases. New World challenges can’t be solved by old ways. Technology and markets change rapidly. Profits need to be taken ealier and then business exits exercised.

Some of the largest companies in their field own no assets, have no material substance but operate in a virtual economy successfully. Companies like AIRBNB, Instagram, Uber and others. New challenges require new thinking!

At GEA, we are in the business of making Entrepreneurship and Innovation happen with 100% efficacy, while focusing on bringing real & tangible values to the world. This ignites investment opportunity world wide.



In 2014 Global Equity Angels added global commodities marketing to its Capital Acquisition services. Since then GEA has been a prolific supplier of food based commodities to China and other nations. Today we offer over 50+ products to global markets direct from suppliers and abattoirs. 


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