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Our humanitarian services provide self-sustaining food and water technologies for small to large requirements. We can provide a BIO-Dome backyard system to feed a family through to community size systems that provide self-sustaining food and water and electrical energy. By combining AQUAPONICS and AUTOPOTS inside BIODOME technology it allows you to achieve a high level of sustainable food source for a long time.

We provide BIO-Dome KITS with AQUAPONIC SYSTEMS and AUTOPOTS and we can build your food supply requirements in your very own backyard or rural land.

Ask about our BIO-Dome kits and packages!  Self-sustaining food supply for families and communities of all sizes.

An Aquaponic system filters waste from freshwater fish using a bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrates: plants’ favorite food. All you have to do is feed the fish high-quality food and it does the rest itself. The nutrient feeds the plants, the plants provide food, and the evaporation created within the dome condenses into water and falls onto the plants as moisture.  And you can eat the fish as well. It is a self-sustaining environment for growing foods of all kinds. Small solar pumps and panels keep the whole thing going, requiring little human intervention.


The need for long-term self-sufficiency is paramount if survival is to be maintained and food supply plentiful.  In the USA the Government has passed laws to take food supplies from anyone who has been storing up over the years and use them to feed the hungry masses (some 46 million Americans are currently on food stamps). Then you are told to stand in the soup kitchen lines with the rest. Well, that would probably happen anywhere as well, truth be known. As the local populations fight for what is left in stores, in a climatic or civil emergency, that soon runs out, many turn to looting and hunting.

Yet if everyone hunts there will not be much game left after a while. So what then? So what is the best protection for a plentiful food supply?
Our research has been extensive and has resulted in a combination of SIMPLE processes that will deliver a good food supply – the long term.

  • First, you build a BIO-Dome that will withstand extreme climatic conditions including very strong winds.
  • Next, you establish an AQUAPONICS set up within the BIO-Dome so that fish nutrient feeds the plants.
  • Then using soil beds and AQUAPOTS you grow luscious vegetables, herbs, and fruit all within the BIODOME.
  • To top it off use SOLAR or WIND generators and DC timers to supply power for any motors.

The natural processes are amazing and simple to set up. Water in the fish tank evaporates and rises and condenses on the BIO-Dome roof then falls onto the plants like mist. The fish (which are a cultivated meal themselves) swim in the tank and their output is high in nitrogen and is a great fertilizer for plants.

So you pump the fish water (using solar pumps) through filters which collect the solids which in turn can be distributed onto the growing food as fertilizer. The water in motion becomes aerated and provides much-needed oxygen to the fish tank as it returns. The whole process happens inside a BIODOME which protects against climatic extremes (especially strong winds) and keeps the ever-continuous cycle in motion.

The AUTOPOTS are fed from a gravity or pump tank automatically so that plants get just the right amount of water all the time.

Growing time is reduced and output is maximised. THEN . . . establish some solar and wind power generators with a bank of batteries and you have all-natural power to run the pumps and filters (although gravity scenarios will work as well).



Easy biodome process

Aquaponics and Autopots expert:
Max who is based in Victoria, has been an avid user of the Aquaponics and Autopot technologies for many years and can project manage BIO-Dome KIT construction for your back yard and ultimate food survival planning and growing projects.


Autopots fed from a tank automatic top up as required by the plant!

Health: Growing your own fresh food, free from pollutants is a precious gift you are giving to yourself and your loved ones. Security, Greater Independence and

Self Reliance
: No matter what happens to the economy, access to fresh healthy food is as close and simple as a walk down ones garden path. There is less need for a drive to the local supermarket to purchase food grown 1000s of miles away, reducing reliance on fossil fues and the unsustainable practices of large agro businesses.

A Growing Dome Greenhouse brings us in touch with the seasons and the environment in which we live. Beauty: You can delight in having a warm, lush, nurturing environment on your own property. People love to sit and relax inside the Dome.

Connectedness: Renew your connection with the earth and the natural world. Puttering around in your greenhouse is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day.

Plants grow in profusion in the moist, warm interior of the Dome. You can grow an abundance of fresh, nutritious produce for family and friends. Share the benefits with others.

Unlike regular greenhouses, which require large amounts of energy to heat and cool, the BIO-Dome Greenhouse is self sustaining with solar power.
You can provide incredible amounts of food each year for you and your family!!

The BIO-Dome Greenhouse is a working model of the wisdom, practicality and well being that is the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle. Developed for the harsh climate of the Australia, our BIO-Domes are available in several sizes and can produce fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers year round! Because of its seven unique features, the BIO-Dome, if heated for tropical plants, uses only 1/3 of the amount of heat needed by a regular greenhouse.

As a result, the BIO-Dome dramatically reduces our environmental footprint. At the same time, they provide the optimal environment for growing fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits throughout the year!

And if you add a few minerals to the complex, like Gold dust, the healing and beneficial properties of Gold can permeate through the system for overall better health and healing. After all, the Egyptians used gold to heal body problems and diseases thousands of years ago. Did you know gold can be found in the human body near the heart in miniscule amounts! It’s there for a reason!