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Consulting Services

We offer a range of different Consultations to assist clients to plan and execute the best strategies to help them safely and effectively achieve their long term goals.

Our Executive Team Members have broad and deep expertise in finance, asset planning, international banking, business and carefully structuring individuals and commercial wealth globally. We do not profess to know all the solutions but we certainly can give you more keys to more doors than most.

Our Banking Insiders, have access to contacts, people, and unique programs that are normally not in public circulation or commonly accessible. We have also seen, met and managed the money of the mega wealthy, unlocked doors for them and helped them multiply their asset positions dramatically which gives us expertise few others possess.


Make the right business moves with Global Equity Angels

Most clients are limited because…. You can not do what you do not know!

Our specialists will arm you with a whole arsenal of financial options and tools you probably did not know previously existed.
We can give you creative solutions that have successfully worked for other clients and businesses and help you develop a solid secure plan to chart your way forward.

As part of our consultations, we can link or refer you to key specialists that will complement and empower your overall strategy and help you achieve results expediently.

‘How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.’     Robert Kiyosaki

GLOBAL EQUITY ANGELS: The DNA of Business Success and Mutual Reward Outcomes.

Our role is to ensure that everything we do is in line with our business’ DNA and that as we grow and scale we ensure that the ‘non-negotiables’ on which the company was founded are adhered to. It’s not easy, particularly as over the last few years we have grown quickly, but it is one of the most important parts of the job – to ensure we remain true to ourselves and to why we exist.

Why Global Equity Angels?

The DNA of any business is the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive business. Every business has a distinctive DNA, the internal genetic code that governs the business and how it functions; its culture, its values, the way it works, its guiding principles, and its reason for being. At its core, it is WHY a business exists.

The DNA of a business impacts the relationships we develop with our customers, partners, and shareholders; as well as having a significant impact on our employee’s experience.

DNA is the heartbeat of our business. It is what keeps us alive and helps differentiate our business from the competition – whether that is competing for talent or competing for new work.

DNA gives our employees a shared sense of purpose and an understanding of how their behaviours need to align to the business. It enables more engagement and provides motivation and clarity. It enables employees to feel a part of something greater, creating employee satisfaction, loyalty and a commitment in people to do their best. Businesses with a strong DNA is able to inspire its employees; such employees are more productive and innovative as a consequence.

Having the right DNA, that is fully embedded, is key to retain talent. Our employees become our biggest advocates – their passion and enthusiasm for the business will become infectious and through that you will find ways to attract the top talent. In the same way that great products sell themselves, great people with a passion for the business will attract potential positive outcomes.

It also gives customers a sense of the business we are and how they can do business with us. It allows them to understand what we stand for and, more importantly, feel it through every interaction they have with us. It enables us to attract like-minded customers, who share our principles and beliefs which in turn is likely to lead to longer-term and more fruitful relationships. In a services industry, people buy from people so ensuring that our people reflect who we are as a business is crucial.

Finally, having a defined DNA aids better communication both internally and externally – it allows consistency of message, clarity of purpose, and values that resonate with the target audience. This creates authenticity and trust with our customers, potential customers as well as employees.

The fact that our people demonstrate our DNA – that we are consistent, we are all aligned to our ‘Why’ and our behaviours demonstrate it, is a huge indication that we have got it right!

Usually the best businesses are founded on the basis of the personal WHYs of the founding members – their beliefs, their passions, their principles – it’s the reason a lot of businesses start up, not just to capitalise on a market opportunity but that strong belief that they can build a better business than already exists. 

This is true of Global Equity Angels, – Antoinette Versace has always had a passion to ensure that the business she founded continues to run with the principles (the non-negotiables) that she set up the business on. Antoinette wants the DNA of the business to remain indefinitely, as it is fundamental to the success of the business.

We can come up with all the adjectives in the world to describe our DNA but our actions always speak louder than words. Every action we take and every decision we make needs to be fully aligned.

Keeping our DNA alive . . .

At Global Equity Angels, we pride ourselves on being open and honest with clients – and we continuously demonstrate that – sometimes we feel a need to keep a secret (confidentiality) without undermining our DNA.

We live by and constantly reinforce it through the actions we take, day in and day out. There is a huge difference between ‘talking the talk’ and ‘walking the walk’.