High End Resources!


Global Equity Angels is a capital acquisition, business development, and commodity marketing company for Global Trade.
We work on behalf of supply clients, sellers, and buyers to procure commodities for world markets.
We bring buyers and sellers together.

The supply of minerals and resources worldwide is a complex process.

We require a valid LOI or Purchase Order from a buyer before proceeding to sales quotations.

Global Equity Angels charges for its services in relation to procuring products and services requested, including sales and supply of resources.


The following is a sample of products we supply and represent via our seller clients which include a range of mining and manufacturing companies:

  1. Iron Ore
  2. Copper Ore
  3. Copper Cathode & Millberry Wire
  4. Petroleum
  5. Rare Earth
  6. Lithium

GEA has its own branded Australian Spring Water Product called AQUA PRIMO for international sales. High Alkaline Water.

Download requires password. Contact us for access.

GEA supplies a wide variety of foods to global markets: Download the samples brochure