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In 2021, Global Equity Angels continue to source and  market high-end resources to end buyers: IRON ORE – high grade, COPPER ORE – high grade, Australian COAL – high grade, COPPER CATHODE and Mullberry, BULLION & Doray, AQUA PRIMO – High-Alkaline Spring Water, Aluminum Ingots, Other resources. In addition, GEA provides banking instruments, investment & […]

Gold Soars and Mines Scramble

August 2020 The price of Gold has hit some record highs recently as economies dive into recession along with high unemployment as a result of the COVID 19 waves. Passing US$60K a kilo means investors are scrambling for Gold Mines in Australia along with Rare Earth production. Old mines closed in bygone years due to […]

GEA Markets in Hong Kong

GEA was recently in Hong Kong meeting with international investors interested in investing in Australian business opportunities and enterprises. We met with large buyers of mineral resources for mainland China. With the increasing demand for Australian and worldwide commodities, GEA is responding to customer demands with a regular presence in China. Despite the COVID 19 pandemic […]


2018  GEA has available AQUA-PRIMO product line which is Pure Australian Spring Water in 21,000 Litre containers that can be shipped anywhere and decanted as required. Ideal for dry areas, farmers, disaster recovery organisations, Governments, World Health Organisation requirements, industrial applications, military, mining recovery areas, event management, and much more! ALSO AVAILABLE IN 600ML and […]

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