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IQF frozen
Weight Per Piece 30-45g Approx.
Length Per Piece Is 7-10cm Approx.
White colour
Feather off
Yellow outer skin
Nails removed
Clean and fresh
Outer hard nail on
NO Bruise
NO black pad or ammonia burns
NO bad smell
NO extravagated blood or blodd stains
Moisture content less than 5%
Feather off
Broken bones less than 0.5%
Blasted at: MINUS 40 CELSIUS.
Storage at: MINUS 20 CELSIUS.
Certification: HACCP, HALAL
Packaging: Carton box
Shelf life: 18 MONTH
IQF Frozen.
White Colour.
Broken Bones Less Than 2%.
Well Washed And Cleaned.
No Bruising.
No Hair, No Burns, No Chemical Burns,
Drainage 1°C-5°C For 8 Hours.
Black Spots Less Than 1%.
No Bad Smell.
No Excessive Blood Or Blood Stains.
Moisture Content Less Than 3%.
Drained From Excess Water Without Feathers.
Weight Per Piece Is 20-35g Or Higher Approx.
Length Per Piece Is 9-10cm Approx.
Cooled Down And Frozen Fresh At Slaughter.
Shelf Life: 24 Months
IQF Frozen
chicken feet
White colour
Washed, clean & fresh
No bad smell
No feathers|
No black patches
No cut pads
No black Pads
No extravagant blood
No bruise
Broken Bone(1-2%)
The moisture content is less than 3%
Fracture content is less than 3%
Blasted at: minus 40 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature: - 18C
Freezing Process: IQF
Inspection SGS At Loading Port
Weight per piece: 35-45 grams
Certification :HALAL
Shelf life 24 months


Product Supplied by the largest companies in the industry!


Available Specifications – can customize to suit clients.

Packing (per 27-ton container)
Paws (per packing method, approximately)
5 Kg.  143 paws       10 Kg.   286 paws       20 Kg.   571 paws

Other chicken products

  • Production Capacity: Enough>>Slaughtered according to the Halal laws
  • Shelf Life : 1 Year
  • Origin : Nominated
  • Other chicken items.
  • Chicken feet
  • Liver
  • Gizzards
  • Drumstick
  • Wings
  • Chicken leg
  • Breast boneless
  • Breast with skin
  • Breast skinless

Our CIF prices are per metric tonne

We supply in major international markets and we are a trusted and dependable company.
Product can be supplied by BRF, JBS, AURORA and other plants in Brazil.

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