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My Life Unplugged – Young Adults

IS THERE AN AWAKENING happening with the human race!!
ARE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET ACENDING to higher dimensions/planes?

As science explores our world and the universe and matter we find there are particles smaller than atoms (quantum mechanics and strings) and that beyond that there is unlimited space. If we ever have a microscope so powerful to see beyond atoms we would note there is nothing solid (space is infinite) and that everything vibrates. SO nothing is really solid. String theories arise showing everything is vibrating and has its own frequency of vibration. You, plants, animals, rocks, buildings and every thing you see and call your reality has a frequency and is vibrating.


What if money is energy and has its own vibration and frequency. You may be just an individualized part of the creator source energy showing in human form on this world. After all cameras can show auras around the human body, chakras exist (energy fields) and some cultures have know this for thousands of years. And you may be part of this entire source energy which is creating, expanding and learning as it goes. Some call this God.

Even your thoughts are vibrations of energy and can be measured with scientific equipment. And after all, do you really know where all your thoughts come from? You have hundreds and thousands of thoughts but where do they really come from? The brain is a great transmitter, but not necessarily the source.

It has been observed that if you view an electron particle with focus it takes the shape of a wave form but when it is not viewed it is simply a vibrating particle. So if focusing on an object can change its structure, maybe it can also change your future. The same experiment has been observed with water molecules.

Everything you see in this world was created by someone’s thoughts before it was made. It was thought of and then came into existence (manifested). You create your own reality. Your thoughts and actions create your reality. And you can even influence other peoples realities.

It stands to reason that if everything you see in your reality was created by thought(s) then you must be capable of creating (manifesting) your own reality, success, abundance, wealth, relationship etc. If only you knew how!

As a man (or woman) thinketh, so their world is.

And if you can not then something must be blocking your energy. And there can be many blocks. Meditation, Yoga and a thousand other ways can adjust your vibrations and balance your energies so that they attract what you wish to manifest. Not more of the same!

MLUP – heads up for young school leavers . . .

My Life Unplugged . . . Showcase event for MEN and WOMEN and young adults about to leave the comfort of their educational institutions and enter the real world.

“There is one single factor that determines every aspect of a child’s happiness, fulfillment, and success in life including their ability to develop meaningful relationships, make lots of money, be persistent, find confidence and reach all of their dreams…or not!”

A lot of people assume that all you need to be financially successful is a good job, good work ethic and maybe a little bit of luck. What if we told you that none of that matters if you can’t take control of this ONE thing in your life. In fact, without this ONE thing, you could actually be destined to fail, and never get ahead? This ONE thing we are talking about is your CONSCIOUS MIND. The one thing that sets the financially successful and truly happy people apart from the rest of us isn’t a high paying job or a wealthy family. It’s the ability to have complete control of your subconscious mind, which in turn gives you the power to set your own goals.


After leaving school/university, what about simple every day things you need to know in order to function well in society. We take for granted that our young adults know and understand the ‘mechanics of living’, how to do many of the basic things that are required when they leave home or enter the workforce. How to avoid becoming debt slaves, how to buy a car, how to do banking, how to dress and prepare for a job, how to invest, how to get insurance, how to apply for welfare starters, societal etiquette, how to shop effectively and most importantly what you have to do when you make money! So, how do you take control of your subconscious mind? – Learn how!

There’s no class in school that teaches you how to set the right goals to get what you want, or how to develop the vision for the future that you need to set those goals in the first place. There’s no pill or vaccine for procrastination, no serum or tonic for self-sabotage.

But there ARE simple ways to change your perspective on life that don’t require years of meditation, that don’t require self-denial or some kind of martial arts style discipline. That shift gives you the immediate ability to envision the future you want, see the path you need to take to get there, and eliminate any obstacles that get in your way. Some successful people make this shift over the course of their entire lives. Some will tell stories about coming to this level of clarity on top of Mt. Everest, or at the cold and greasy depths of rock bottom. We got lucky, and found a shortcut.

Learn how to Attract Wealth, Success and Happiness and survive in the real world!

Want to view a PDF brochure? click on the button below:

SUP friends . . . MYLife Unplugged is presented at participating schools and educational institutions and other venues. MYLife Unplugged has been designed to be ‘cool’ and appealing to young people. It is delivered as a stage presentation (showcase) event in a suitable auditorium with light shows, music, role plays, actors, presentations and informal discussions. It is delivered in modern parlance in a warm friendly and fun atmosphere.

But it covers serious everyday topics not generally taught at school but much needed when you leave the nest and need to get by in Australia (and overseas)! The showcase includes actors, music, drama, live presentations, certified educators, role plays, audience participation and more.
Transformational and informative education for young adults of all ages.

Turn your dreams into SUPER dreams . . . MLUP delivers an awakening using the latest technologies in the field of MIND SCIENCE. It also covers enhancing energy fields, the use of imagination and other techniques to manifest desires.

By changing the way young adults THINK they can change their outcomes. With coaching, presentations, innovative technologies and more, young adults will learn some of the major reasons why some people become millionaires and some do not. By applying what is taught, they can get an edge up on the real world before they leave school leading to more money, more happiness and more health. By reprogramming some negative thinking we can re train the brain to deliver more of what we want rather than THE OPPOSITE.

Millionaires are able to see things differently and can process information differently, leading them to more opportunities, more money and more freedom!

Imagine being able to get a heads up on how the real world works before you have to try! All those little things that you have to know about when you get a job, earn money and live in society. MLUP can save your hundreds of hours of your time and lots of money simply by attending this showcase. And it will teach you how to manifest your dreams with ease.

The problem is… Most People Have No Clue How To Make Wealth Happen!

And then they wonder why they feel they’ve “worked” and “struggled” and “tried” with nothing real to show for it.  Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever felt like you tried your best to make money and create meaningful wealth, and no matter what you did, it was like the entire Universe was out to break you down?
Well… It’s Not Your Fault or is it?

Yes, you must take responsibility for your/their FUTURE.
We think that’s why you’re on this page right now. You’d love your children to get a break!  But building wealth, making money… and ESPECIALLY becoming an enlightened, Awakened Millionaire is NOT something they are taught in school.

The problem is that most people either:

1. Never figure it out and spend a lifetime struggling with nothing to show for it
2. Are “lucky” because they stumble on opportunity naturally
3. Eventually get there, but not without spending 30 years and tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

But the good news is that what we discovered can now set them financially free.  They don’t need to go through what parents went through… we did that for you  . . . we’ve put together a few simple steps they should follow to get themselves on the RIGHT track… so they too can enjoy the financial freedom, the abundance, and the awakening we live each day.

“Now That sounds great!   But how much is it going to cost me?”
That’s a great question.
But a better question to ask first is… what is it worth to have the secret key to the Awakened Person’s wealth?
What is it worth to achieve success when you thought you were destined to fail?
What is it worth for something so SIMPLE to have such a profound, lasting, and immediate impact on your life?
Can you even put a price tag on that?

Here’s The Truth . . .
We know the information that we have here is extremely valuable.
But our first goal is to have young adults JOIN US as an Awakened member of society
We love it and we know you will too.
That’s why we want this to be affordable to everyone.

Ask us how!

MLUP will introduce participants to subliminal commands, 3D spatial sounds, isochiral audio and binaural beats all designed to program the subconscious and awaken the  MINDSET!

The frequency patterns used are a combination of alpha, theta, delta & gamma harmonic frequencies. This changes the electrical activity in the brain to match the musical pattern (this is the basic theory of brainwave entrainment and frequency following).
Once the correct electrical patterns are set up in the brain it will start to influence the chirality of the sub atomic particles in the immediate vicinity; either within the body or outside of it. This phenomenon allows us to repeat the many benefits of brainwave entrainment at will; and with minimal practice. All you need to do is play the specially coded music on your mp3 player or other music device and listen…..that’s it…. it really is that simple… could be getting the benefits in minutes.

We guarantee fun learning and an exciting showcase

When you get unplugged from school it can be a bit scary. So learn how to unplug without worry by attending the MLUP showcase playing at a secondary school near you. The showcase cast actors include certified education trainers and it is lots of fun and excitement in the making. More importantly you will learn heaps about living out of the nest!


Our guarantee is you will find great value in attending this showcase and you will even earn money just by attending. So what is there to lose?
And what if . . . YOU leave with a millionaire mindset and go on to become wealthy in your lifetime! Can you imagine passing this opportunity up?

MORE INFO? complete our contacts page.


HUMAN ASCENSION –   A community of higher beings!

There is a call to humanity. To awakened higher beings. You know who you are.

You want ascension. You want off the merry go round.

You may be light workers or you have been awakened from the deep sleep called life through wisdom teachings.

We the awakened can not be of service unless you ask. That is the prime directive!

Join the community of higher beings, change your life, extinguish karma, bring peace and love to the planet and all its life forms.


Is there more to being human than just flesh and bones? Is there a soul and energy footprint and if so what is it and where does it go when we die?

And if we are all energy connected to a unified mind (Universe, God) being an individual part of the whole, learning, feeding back our experiences and growth to the source  and creator of all, then everyone around us, every life form is connected. And this means we are co-creators of our realities and there are mysteries and powers way beyond our current understandings. And today science is proving that much of what we consider reality is but an illusion.

Many of our beliefs are just plain wrong.

Did you know for example that everything in this world vibrates?
Frequency is everything and the highest frequencies are generally joy and love. Nothing made of matter is actually solid. But our perception is. You can even change the formation of water molecules just by thinking of them. And your favourite plants know what you are thinking! – absurd?

As science delves into quantum realms, atomic particles, sacred geometry of our planet and the universe, the very fabric of what makes up our reality is being uncovered. And along with that science and experimentation, is uncovering what makes up a human. And you may be stunned by some of the outcomes and results.

As we uncover a treasure trove of what humans are really capable of, through meditation, collective light bearing, enhanced DNA strands (they are not junk DNA), wisdom teachings, mind management and ascension practices we uncover the energy that is the soul and move towards a greater understanding of the mysteries of life.

There is an awakening for many, but it is not for everyone.

We may all be here for different purposes. You may have had previous lives, lived many times (science has proven this), developed old karma, not learned the lessons of the past, be in need of new purpose or in fact be ready to ascend and leave this 3D dimension for higher being.

It is hard to release old beliefs and conditioning and step out into new dimensions of enlightenment but it is open to everyone.

Just as an eagle must PUSH its young out of the nest in order for it to fly and soar, so must we push our thinking to new limits in order to grow and ascend to new heights.


Do you think it is changing for the better?

Much of our reality perception and understanding has been traditional, religious culture based and elite shadow Government induced propaganda.
In the past 100 years we have raped the planet for profit, destroyed vast tracts of plants and other life forms, promulgated wars, contaminated vast areas of land, polluted the air we breathe, been subdued by politically correct laws and minority propaganda, put holes in the atmosphere and maybe changed the climate of the earth with far reaching effects.

People have been seduced into early disease and death by nefarious means in order to reduce the population bubble including modified food and water supply engineering and contamination,  vaccinations, chem trails, drug wars, weather wars, uniform birthing processes, pharmaceutical control, obesity, financial manipulation, visual surveillance control,  and much more. The banksters have had a field day (probably century) destroying lives whilst collecting bonuses. George Orwell would be saying I told you so!

Cover ups, history re writes, ancient worlds, conspiracy theories, crashed space craft, extra terrestrial visits and abductions, ET intervention in human war like actions, secret space programs, military industrial complexes, cities on the moon and other planets, time travel, stargates (they are real) and hidden mysteries condition us as pawns in a game of life. Some times they leak a little out in movies and press releases. But they go over the heads of most of us. Nuclear threats continue to divide the species. And elite illuminati that attempt to manage this planet with fear and mind manipulation like the cabal, have been able to keep us under wraps as debt slaves for a very long time. They certainly do not want you to know there is more than meets the eye to being human. And if you think science is not cloning humans along with everything else, or that Governments are not building great underground cities you would be mistaken. And this is just the tip of the reality ice berg.

It is also interesting that many ancient civilizations could perform feats of engineering we can not duplicate today. There is much to know that has been forgotten or kept from us, like much of the library of Alexandria stored in the Vatican archives. There are many mysteries and truths to uncover. New energy and light is coming.

Maybe you have heard of one or more of these things. And maybe you have not!

Are you happy?  Are you really in control of your life? DO you know your purpose?

Join our community of higher beings and be awakened to the real powers of human existence.  You can prepare to ascend and with like minded individuals, you will enjoy the opportunity to discuss, learn and participate in HUMAN ASCENSION.

Consciousness is on the rise. The end of a 25,000 year cycle is near. Solar flares will usher in a new level of consciousness as our bodies, minds and brains connect with new frequencies, electromagnetic forces and other unseen forces, DMT rises to enhance our thinking and consciousness. There is much to know and learn. We are all capable of much more.

Explore many mysteries, develop your psychic abilities, telepathy, levitation, time travel, remote control, clairvoyance, meditation techniques, divining, Yoga, mind control, laws of attraction, healthy diets and living, your energy chakras, out of body experiences and other powerful abilities like rainbow body, Astro travel, walking through walls (just as Jesus did and the US Military have experimented with) and a host of other amazing attributes you can posses. Most humans think this is all mumbo jumbo but higher beings know the truth. Just ask some Tibetan Monks. And new generations are being born with amazing talents ushering in a new era of human vibration, spiritual energies and awakenings.

Maybe it is time for humans to awaken to new realities.


Meet ups occur in many countries and in many locations. Consider your future, your real future and be enlightened.

GEA develops/orchestrates a number of programs for human development.

Love and Light to you all.





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