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New high-tech Solaris LED Lighting is now available from GEA for commercial lighting requirements. GEA is involved in funding the expansion of the Singapore company into Australia. This new technology represents a giant leap forward for commercial lighting requirements where cost of electricity is an issue. It is based on patented LED technology only available from Solaris Pte Ltd.

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Ideal for councils and local government organisations for parks, sporting events, sporting facilities, walkways, street lights, rural roads, highways, building lights and much more. Sports venues, tennis courts and much more.

  • Most powerful LED emitters
  • Small foot print per watt
  • 40W to 400W industrial lighting
  • Compatible with sensors, motion detectors & photocells
  • Intelligent lighting control – dimmers & timers
  • Energy recovery systems – solar panels systems & wind turbines
  • Retrofit exiting luminaries


GEA can supply to corporations and Government requirements.

Solaris patented module is a platform to mount a selected cluster of high power LED with robust mechanical and electrical solutions to deliver superior thermal and optical solutions closest to HID bulbs

Why LED’s?

  • Significantly lower energy consumption
  • Extended lifetime in excess of 5 years
  • Improved physical robustness and smaller size
  • Immediate on and off switching
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly    (no hazardous substances)


Internationally renowned LED lighting – ask us for more details




In 2014 Global Equity Angels added global mineral & resource commodities marketing to its Capital Acquisition services. Since then GEA has been a prolific supplier of high-end commodities worldwide. Today we offer many products to global markets direct from suppliers.


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