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Gold Soars and Mines Scramble

August 2020

The price of Gold has hit some record highs recently as economies dive into recession along with high unemployment as a result of the COVID 19 waves. Passing US$60K a kilo means investors are scrambling for Gold Mines in Australia along with Rare Earth production.

Old mines closed in bygone years due to the cost of production are now in high demand as new technologies reduce the cost of processing.
And there is much of the shiny stuff for the Australian landscape yet to yield. And with high demand for rare earth minerals, Australia is well-positioned to capitalize on market demand.

GEA is in dialogue with a number of Australian Gold Mines wishing to sell at this time, and international investors looking for high return rewards for their investments.


In 2014 Global Equity Angels added global mineral & resource commodities marketing to its Capital Acquisition services. Since then GEA has been a prolific supplier of high-end commodities worldwide. Today we offer many products to global markets direct from suppliers.


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