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Is water more than you think? It is the only matter on earth that exists in three different forms (frozen, gas and liquid) and recently they found a fourth form. Water is a living substance yet by the time it reaches our urban home drinking tap the life within has been deleted due to our water processing processes. It is classed as dead water by science.
Human chemicals (now over 100,00 kinds) are flushed down the toilet and drains and into the sewers, rivers and waterways and even pass though some of our best town filtering processes so that you maybe drinking a potential cocktail of  toxic substance.

Fresh, Living water is alive with amazing crystal formations (seen under the microscope) and even has memory. It is a living substance with Fibonacci design in its molecular structure conforming to 0.618 or the golden mean, clearly it has the creators design and therefore supports all life on the planet.

Without water we would have no DNA and we could not support the life form we have.

Science now reveals the well being nature of alkaline water for the human body known for thousands of years. The human body can be made up of 70 to 85+% water. All life on this planet requires water. If the human body loses 2 percent of its water we are dehydrated.
If it loses 10 percent of its hydration we hallucinate. If it loses 12 percent of its hydration we die.

Water is vital to our survival and clean fresh spring water contains energies not found in urban tap water. Energies that can have a marvellous effect on the human body.

Aqua Primo is bottled from ancient springs untouched by humans for thousands of years and the alkaline PH rating is superior to most. It delivers amazing energy and well being to the body. Even our new bottle design has been changed to enhance scared geometry and maximise the energetic life embedded in water.

You can now order AQUA PRIMO (Premium Australian Spring Water) products for EXPORT ONLY directly from our web site.

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In 2014 Global Equity Angels added global mineral & resource commodities marketing to its Capital Acquisition services. Since then GEA has been a prolific supplier of high-end commodities worldwide. Today we offer many products to global markets direct from suppliers.


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